Hello & Welcome
Coffee & Chocolate Milk is a collaborative project by married couple Wendy and Kuni. Wendy is a photographer/clay artist and Kuni is a motion graphics designer/illustrator. As two toy lovers who are kids at heart, they decided to recreate their daily moments of married life through the eyes of two toy figures, a monkey and a rabbit, with a twist of humor and imagination.

It started as a 365 challenge project and has now evolved into a life journal written in photography and illustration. It has become a project that reminds them why they exchanged vows, and that treasuring every simple moment is the magic spell of happily ever after.

The project was named after Wendy and Kuni’s favorite drinks - coffee and chocolate milk. The two drinks they ordered on their first date, and the two drinks that have accompanied them through countless conversations and laughter.

Here at Coffee & Chocolate Milk, each photo documents a life moment in a witty and playful manner. If you are a kid at heart, please come in and share a sip of happiness with us.
How it begins
You might be wondering why Monkey and Rabbit? The answer is very simple, because they are Wendy and Kuni’s Chinese Zodiac animals. The couple orginally created the rabbit and monkey characters for their wedding. These two characters were used for their wedding website, invitations, table number cards and even as their offical wedding portrait! At the end, Wendy and Kuni thought why not produce the actual rabbit and monkey toy figure sets as their wedding favors and cake toppers. And voilà, the two toy figures were born.
*Photos by Weddings by Two
After the wedding, Wendy and Kuni continued to have conversations and messages with each other through the two characters. Sometimes it’s a silly note, sometimes it’s a funny drawing, and all of these always make them laugh.

One day, Wendy took a photo of the two characters just for fun, but it gave them an idea to start a 365 photo challenge project. The goal was simple, by recreating one simple moment a day through the eyes of the rabbit and monkey, Wendy and Kuni wants to bring a smile to other people’s faces as well. And just like that, Coffee & Chocolate Milk was born.
Fun facts
1. The actual Monkey and Rabbit toy figures are about three gummy bears tall. As the project begins to roll out, Wendy asked Kuni to design a cat character for their lovely cat, Chapeau. It is only one gummy bear tall.
2. Since the original toy figures were designed without hands and legs, their hands and costumes were made with modeling clay.

3. Although Monkey and Rabbit were edited in many photos, but most of the photos were taken in a real miniature setting, and many props were handmade by Wendy.

The creators
Kuni (Monkey)
Hi there. Offically, I am an Animation artist and illustrator. But I am also a moviegoer, toy collector, comic reader, and outdoors lover. I am obsessed with house cleaning and use vacuuming for relaxation. Oh, and I drink chocolate milk like water.
Wendy (Rabbit)
Howdy! Offically, I am a Lifestyle photographer who secretly is obsessed with creating mini characters and things with clay. I am also a moviegoer, toy collector, book reader, food lover, and a scuba diver. Not so much an outdoor person like Kuni, but I watch National Geographic and listen to white noise for relaxation. Oh, and I drink coffee like water.