Happy New Year
January 5, 2017 by wendylin


Hello everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful new year so far. For the first blog post this year, I decided to do something new. As you might know, I made most of the props I used in my photos. And I got asked a lot about how I create my photos. So I decide to do a behind the scenes post to show you my process. I think the last image I took for 2016 is a good example.

First, that’s talk about concept. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Since I’ve done Santa and Christmas tree for the past years, I wanted to do something different this year. I started to thing what else I love about this magical holiday. Then an image of a gingerbread house winter wonderland popped into my head. I got very excited about the idea, because i get to play with candies!! But before that fun eating while decorating part, I need to make myself some gingerbread houses first.for_blog_0000_layer-17for_blog_0001_layer-16

I made six little houses with clay. They are about an inch and half to two inches tall. It took me a day to make all six of them, but I love how they turn out. After they are done, I just left them to dry and ready to be fired!


Once the little houses were out of the kiln, the house decorating process begins, and yup, much of the candies went into my tummy before they made it to the houses. ;p


After I finished decorating all the lovely little houses, the set setting process begins. Aren’t those houses look lovely in the snow? Oh, in case you are wondering what I used for the snow, they are instant snow power. All you need to do is adding some water and you get plenty of snow.  I use those as the base of my snow landscape and then sprinkle some flour on top of the surface to create the look I like.


Here is the time-lapse video of my set setting process!






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